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The Wonderkind

Ukrainian Women Badges

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Ukrainian Women who changed our world badge collection. Four badges in the set. 50% of the cost will be donated to UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, to support the emergency in Ukraine. A further €1 will be payed to the Ukrainian illustrator Anastasia Khmelevska who we commissioned to do the artwork. 

Celebrate the incredible Ukrainian women who helped shape their country and inspire the world. Our aim with these badges is to raise funds to help the people of Ukraine, celebrate the inspirational women in Ukraine’s rich history and to allow anyone who wears them to show their support Ukraine and the newly arriving Ukrainians in our country. 

Kateryna Bilokur

When Kateryna Bilokur was young she painted with berries & beets late into the night. All this practice made her a master of her craft and even though she wasn't accepted into art college, her vibrant paintings of fruit & flowers became famous. She was named People’s Artist of Ukraine in 1961.

Lesia Ukrainka

As a child, Lesya was afraid of the dark & would run to the forest to find kind beasts. As an adult, she was a fearless & farsighted writer. She wrote poems & plays about feminism, race & the environment. Fluent in 9 languages, Lesya worked hard to record & save the folk stories & history of Ukraine.

Olha Kobilyanska

Olha Kobilyanska was born at a time when wealthy people thought Ukrainian peasants led happy & romantic lives. She wrote about their hard reality & changed the lives of the people who worked the land but couldn't own it. Olha & her friend Lesia helped spark Ukraine's feminist movement.


The flowers will bloom

"... from those burning tears will melt

The frozen crust, so hard and strong,

Perhaps the flowers will bloom and

Bring about for me a joyous spring..."

Extract from Contra Spem Spero by Lesia Ukrainka

Sunflowers are a symbol of peace in Ukraine. Recently they have become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance. 

In 1996, to celebrate Ukraine giving up nuclear weapons, U.S., Russian & Ukrainian ministers planted sunflowers in Ukraine.

These badges are printed and handmade in Ireland. The beautiful illustrations are by Ukrainian artist Anastasia Khmelevska. We will commence shipping the badges on Monday 28th March.