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The Wonderkind

Red Páistí ar son Phalaistín Kids for Palestine T-shirts

Red Páistí ar son Phalaistín Kids for Palestine T-shirts

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All profits will go to support water and shelter distribution in Palestine.

Okay, so this is our first time doing tees so please bear with us. This is a preorder - please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery. The image of this tee is generated by the website - please be gentle with us if there are slight differences. 

Profits are the remainder of the cost price after production, website costs, packaging and transaction fees. We anticipate a minimum of €10 per tee will be donated and we will be clear on social media how much is donated after final orders. 

These will be printed on Fruit of the Loom tees. You might notice that some sizes (eg 4-5 and 8-9) are not available. We don't know why, but Niamh's almost-4-year-old will be wearing a 5-6! You can see the size chart here

The more we sell, the cheaper they are; the cheaper they are the more we can donate so please share with your friends and family. We need to sell at least 15 tees to get them produced. 

The Wonderkind does not make a profit from this product. We drag our kids to the post offices and pack orders when they're asleep! Every penny of profit after costs incurred from these sales will be donated.

Some orders may be shipped in pink bags that are not compostable but were donated to us. 

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